3 podcasts that fuel me to create

I'm obsessed with these creativity-based podcasts right now:

1. The Imposters

2. Out on the Wire

3. Magic Lessons

I was going to write a bunch about each of them but really if you just give each 5 minutes they will speak for themselves.

As for me, I'm in the middle of my second book and it's daunting and hard and there are days where I have no idea where I'm going with it or what it's going to be. And then I turn on one of these podcasts and listen to these women as I drive the highway I've driven my entire life to go get my dog from this place where he plays with other dogs and by the time I get back home (it's usually raining - Florida in the fall) I feel renewed and am itching to write and create. 

These women talk to me in my car through their podcasts and they make creating, and its struggles, seem normal and beautiful. For most of my life creativity felt inaccessible, elite, exclusive - you either had it or you didn't. These women throw creativity parties in their podcasts and the whole thing is like this handwritten personalized invitation meant just for you. They not only make you want to be a part of the creativity club, but they actually make you feel like they want you there. 

And while I never plan on this it almost always seems that after I listen to an episode my book moves forward in a big way. I get ideas when I listen to these podcasts, ideas that make my creative work better. 

It's not why I necessarily started listening to any of them, but it's been a bonus I am ridiculously thankful for.