Hi, I'm Isa. And this is Creative Teacup, a blog for people who have made the decision to pursue art with professional dedication; this blog is for anyone who has ever struggled with feeling like they're worthy enough to be called an artist, writer, director, painter, entrepreneur, designer or any kind of creator with a capital C. It's for anyone who has ever looked up and wondered if they should quit, wondered if pursuing this creative thing is just stupid, or wondered if the rejection is just too much. It's for anyone who has ever felt ignored, forgotten, or who has ever felt like their creative voice doesn't matter. This blog is for people who had the courage to enter the gap, but are now wondering what the heck they've done.

It's scary out there, and I believe we need your art,  your voice, and your presence in your creative industry, especially if when you look around you don't see anyone quite like you.

Pursuing a creative profession is hard and requires a lot of courage, and strategies. Nothing has helped me gain that courage or learn those strategies more than my interviews with those who've gone before. I hope they inspire you to keep going, but I also hope they give you new ideas about what it really takes to reach your professional goals, and how you too can be one of the few artists who go the distance.

Because why not you?

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a brief history of why I started this blog
 I started Creative Teacup in 2016 as inspired by my conversations with Golden-Globe-winning producer Don Hahn (e.g. Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Waking Sleeping Beauty) and his amazing book on creativity called Brain Storm; when I told Don about this project he generously offered to design the logo. I did a happy dance and said yes. Also, there's a C and a T in the steam, which I think is pretty cool).

(And if you're curious, you can learn more about me here.)