Hi, I'm Isa. And this is Creative Teacup, a blog on creativity I started in 2016, as inspired by the amazing conversations I had with people for my second book (especially my conversations with the Golden Globe winning producer Don Hahn (e.g. Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Waking Sleeping Beauty) and his amazing book on creativity called Brain Storm; When I told Don about this project he generously offered to design the logo. I did a happy dance and said yes. Also, there's a C and a T in the steam, which I think is pretty cool).

Every few months I post a story about a creative person who inspires me - a person I've met and interviewed just for this blog. I wish I could publish them faster, but some flavors just require a longer brew. 

In the meantime you'll find my random musings on creativity and insight into the behind-the-scenes of my own creative journey (currently working on a mountain of a second book). 

The best way to know when new things are published is to follow the blog on Twitter. Please share and please say hello. Writing can be lonely, and hearing from you means the world. Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading. 

This blog is for anyone who likes to read words, but it's especially tailored for those who make stuff and/or are trying to make a living in the arts. If that's not you right now but maybe you want it to be, I hope you make something today. Because someone might need a thing only you can make. 

(And if you're curious, you can learn more about me here.)